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Launches February 6th at 10am EST


Launch Ends February 8th 11:59pm EST.
After launch ends this product will become evergreen!

PicAnimate is very first software on our market which can make video from single photo.

Because this will be the very first time people will see app like that, and it is both photo and video related new software, it will convert like crazy.

We expect double digits EPC, and that it will hold very high throughout the launch period with super strong closing (price going from one time to recurring after)

We already paid ton of money to affiliate and want to pay more :)

So far we paid out to our affiliates over $2.5 millions in commissions for our other products and we want to double that within a year.

Check the email swipes at bottom of the page for the best angle which fits your audience.

I also want to let you know that from now on we will be launching all our new products exclusively on JVshare platform which is really amazing for all we need, and have only 2% fees vs 5% we used to pay before.

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Here's Why You Should Join Us!

Quality Product

Our team is known for producing quality software. This software is no different AND that is very same devs who coded our other great software.

Customer Support

We now have 6 FULL TIME support team which is helping customers of our products so you know your buyers are in the good hands.

Attractive Audience

This is the very same target audience as for for a few other launch with combined over $3m sales.

Huge Commissions

As will all our launches we are looking for above $11 EPC across the funnel.

Meet our TEAM

Here is hard working team behind PicAnimate,StopMotionCreator, Explaindio, Explaindio Player Vidsting, Vidently, Storyxy ClipDramatizer, ClipToGIF, ClipGraph and our other software.

The team started in 2014 and is growing in size since then.

Those are the very people who all work to maintain the software, fix bugs, and add more features over time.


High EPC Sales Funnel 

JV Contest and Launch Prize Pool
Up To $3,000 In Cash Prizes Up For Grabs With $1,500 Top Prize and Daily Prizes Too...

IMPORTANT: In order to participate in affiliate contest promoting using ClickBank you must submit your ClickBank ID to jv manager using facebook page linked at bottom of this page so we know to whom prize should be paid to.

Our Main 6-Day JV Cash Contest...

The main sales contest will run from February 6th to February 8th 2019

1ST PRIZE - $1,500

2ND PRIZE - $1,000

3RD PRIZE - $500

Important Contest Details: The official leader-board and all contests ranking is based on most funnel commission earned during the respective contest period (main contest February 6th to February 8th 11.59PM EST 2019). To qualify for a full amount of prize(s) you need to have earned at least commission matching total amount of your prize(s). If commission is less than total amount of prize(s) then total prize will be equal to commission earned. If you want to team up we need to get team info before Feb 6th 11am EST unless non of new team members are in top 10 positions on main contest leader-board.

Email swipes

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Subject: Can you do this in 2.5 seconds?


According to recent Facebook official post, people spend, on average, 1.7 seconds with a piece of content on mobile and 2.5 seconds on desktop.

So let’s face it, in this fast-paced environment, without scroll-stopping content, your posts and ads are almost invisible.

Non-appealing posts or ads content is one of the main factors why majority of marketers fail to generate viral traffic and lose money on facebook ads.

While scrolling through news feed, people barely glimpse over traditional images that use photos and have hard time to commit to watch a long-form video content.

This is why, to solve that problem, big brands like Apple, Netflix, Canon, Mercedes-Benz, Dior, and others started using so called Live Photos which are special blend between an image and a video.

Scroll-stopping content is even more important for free viral traffic because it skyrockets social shares by both making people pay attention and giving them amazing content to share.

So if you want your content to be shared and go viral, there is no better way than to use Live Photos right now before everybody else starts using them.

Unfortunately, without the right tool, a Live Photo is difficult to create and it could take days to make just one...unless you have new PicAnimate software which just released :)

All it take is 3 steps to make incredible Live Photos with the software.

You will be comfortable on PicAnimate within the first 15 min session.

Watch the demo now

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1. Do NOT send Spam of any kind. Traffic Monsoon, Ad Fly, any of these types of "cheap traffic sources" are exactly that. CHEAP. You will be banned from this and all future offers if you utilize any of these methods.

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8. Winners must submit a W-9 or W-8 in order to get paid.

9. If we don't know you or you have little sales you many not be approved and/or set on delayed commission inside PayDotCom. Delayed commission is paid after 60 days.

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Andrew Darius

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